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£2.99 year

View Exchange Ads Yes, immediately
Private Message Storage 25
Photo Uploads None
Search Forums No
View Member Profiles No
View Member List No
Advance Search Profiles No

Step 1) All members must create their profile

The first step when you login to exchange forum community is to create your profile. This process is a requirement of using our website and you can not avoid this process.

Having a completed profile will display some of the details about your property when you post your advert. It also ensures that members who have upgraded to a gold account can search for your property. A good profile can massively increase your chances of finding an exchange.

Now look at Step 2.

Step 2) Post your Exchange in the forums

In return for us providing a Free Service all we ask from our free members is that you post your exchange advert in the forums. You will not have access to anything else until you place an advert. If you do not want to post and advert then you will need to choose one of our paid subscriptions.

We do recommend that our paid users create an exchange advert but it is not a requirement for a paid user. When you have created your profile you can post your advert into our approvals forum. It will then be checked that your advert is within the rules and if it is we will approve your advert and move it into the forum county which you are living in.

Now look at Step 3.

Step 3) Look at other Exchanges

Free Members:

You need to find exchanges by browsing the forums. Once you have created your profile and posted an advert of your own you can view others adverts.

Paid Members:

Depending upon the level of account you might have access to powerful search tools. Gold members don’t need to rely on adverts in the forums because you can search the profile of every member.