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[ad#Google 200×200 right]There is no doubt that there is a huge shortfall in social housing and selling properties off is not helping the matter …… but 720,000 isn’t that many properties in nearly 30 years. Is it? I don’t really know. It works out at about 24,000 homes a year being sold under RTB. But how many are being built?

There are also some grumblings about what some are terming as mis-use of the RTB policy. It appears that some tenants are buying their home under the RTB scheme and then letting the property out. So what? I personally, can see nothing wrong with that – providing that same tenant isn’t then returning to their landlord claiming homelessness etc. I think what someone does with a property after purchase is entirely up to them.

Going back to the original question – should the rest of the UK follow Scotland and scrap the RTB scheme?

What do you think?

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