Spare Bedroom? Lose HB or Move. Another Social Housing Bombshell.

The Welfare Reform Bill – currently going through Parliament – will try to match families to the right sized property, which could be via a housing association on a housing estate.

According to Lord Freud, this means that having a spare bedroom is going to be considered “a luxury”.

People who live in a social housing property with a spare bedroom will lose £11 a week from their housing benefit under reform plans – while those with two or three spare rooms could be set to lose around £20 a week.

What Lord Freud has not said is if this is going to affect current tenants. If it does, I’m assuming those of us with a spare bedroom will be forced to move or forced to pay.

If it only affects new tenants then, OK, I can just about run with that, but as families grow, Social Mobility will be even more in need.

As usual, Social Housing Tenants are being targeted.


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