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Default cant believe

My 9 year old daughter has been bullied fo a number of years nowand have been into see the teacher at the time ,they seem to scrape the surface of the problem then it starts up again,the last issue was when my daughters teacher did a seating plan in class and this new girl did not like my daughter sitting next to another girl,so she thought she woould give her a nice hard boot in the legon which she was seen doing ,and got excluded from class,since this issue ,this girl has been involved in a group of 5 other girls who constantly say horrible things about my daughter ,they take her friends away from her .

We have had a fall out with the school,the deputy head was sorting it out ,well she did not we requested an apt with the head teacher which the teacher was going to do ? but then told all the children involved including my daughter that is not going to happen ,on which it did not ?
so we have now written to the board of board of gov to express our concern ,that not even a phone call home to ask why my daughter was not in school,this is a new head teacher by the way? 6 weeks it took for a reply saying the matter is in hand ,since then my daughter is in a new school and 6 other children have come away from the school including my daughters friend ,as children are being bullied and nothing is being done ,the head teacher seems to have his eyes shut most of the time lol
but the point is no real contact with the school has been made with our selves .
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Well you've done the right thing by writing to the B of G. Ultimately keep complaining to them - the Head has to answer to them.
Good luck - hope you find your new home soon.

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Default debs

I know that debs will see how things go if i get no joy ,then i may climb the ladder one more step lol
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